What the Heck is Reiki? And Why Do I Want an Object that's Infused With Reiki??

THE dopest part about Lucid Punk Apparel's athleisure wear line is that everything is Reiki'd (cue the heavens opening up!) 

So what the heck is Reiki?
Well, here's the good old Wikipedia definition. Summed up, Reiki is spiritual/life-force energy from the Divine/Source. A Reiki practitioner is one that's become attuned to this spiritual/life-force energy and is able to channel that energy through the hands. Since this is energy from the Divine/Source, we're talking P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L healing energy! 

Reiki is a holistic healing modality---similar to massage, acupuncture, and yoga in that they're all intended to engage and develop the whole person. Think physical, emotional, mental and spiritual or mind, body, spirit. It's the concept that the human being is multi-dimensional. We all have conscious and unconscious aspects, rational and irrational aspects.

Reiki sessions are performed on a table with the recipient fully clothed. Hands may either be gently placed on the recipient or above the body to transfer the energy. What's super dope about Reiki is that not only can practitioners work on people but objects may be charged with this healing, protective, positive energy as well. Yes...objects! We're talking plants, cars, computers, water, animals, clothes, crystals, your home, jewelry, a piece of paper with an affirmation on it...really anything...the sky's the limit!!

Ok! So why would you want a Reiki'd object (a Lucid Punk Apparel tee perhaps?!)

Just think about it...you're walking around in this mantra tee that's already powerful enough with its affirmation/design. But then Reiki is infused...like to the very essence of the fibers that the tee is made out of. You're now a mantra and Reiki'd up POWERHOUSE, ready for anything that the universe throws at you!!

So try one. Customize your tee with the energy that you'd like it to be dripping with...like energy swag! Or better yet, gift it to someone in your life that needs some good juju. Which of the four energy boost options do you or a friend or family member need right now...at this moment...to give life?

  • Emotional healing
  • Physical healing
  • Spiritual protection
  • Stress release

Maybe snag a couple of tees to be boosted with more than one energy; you may just begin to walk around feeling yourself!

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